Judge Theodore Sedgwick (1746-1813) [B4] and Pamela Dwight Sedgwick (1753-1807)
Stockbridge MA, Theodore Sedgwick Family Section
In the background are graves of some of their descendants.
photo taken June, 1906, probably by either FJ or HM Sedgwick
NHCHS MSS B46 Box 19 Folder D Photo 5015

This is the cemetery plot known as the "Sedgwick Pie,"
but when I stood there, I felt that such a majestic resting place
ought not be called by such a demeaning nickname.

My brother Don and I were escorted there on Sunday, July 18, 1999,
guests of Arthur Schwartz, a descendant of Judge Theodore and Pamela (Dwight) Sedgwick.
He referred to it simply as "the cemetery."