Theodore Sedgwick  [Benjamin Sedgwick / Ann Thompson]
b. bef May 9, 1746, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
bp May 9, 1746, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
d. January 24, 1813, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
bu Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts, Stockbridge Cemetery
m1 bef 1773, Eliza Mason
m2 April 17, 1774, Pamela Dwight
m3 November 7, 1808, Penelope Russell

Painting by Gilbert Stuart at Boston Museum of Fine Art

Elizabeth Mason  [Jeremiah Mason / Nancy Clark]
b. August 27, 1844
d. bef 1774

Pamela Dwight  [Joseph Dwight / Abigail (Williams) Sargeant]
b. June 26, 1753
d. September 20, 1807
bu Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts, Stockbridge Cemetery

Penelope Russell  [Charles Russell / Elizabeth (Vassal)]
b. March 17, 1769
d. May 18, 1827, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
bu Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, under King's Chapel

Pamela Dwight
Pamela Dwight

Census records:

1790 MA Berkshire, Stockbridge
1800 MA Berkshire, Stockbridge
1810 MA Berkshire, Stockbridge

Theodore SEDGWICK, a descendant of Major General Robert Sedgwick, was a delegate to the convention that ratified the U.S. Constitution. He served in the Continental Congress, then six years in the U.S. House of Representatives, three years in the U.S. Senate (one year as President pro tem) then three more years in the House of Representatives as Speaker of the House (1799-1801.) The house he built at Stockbridge, MA is still owned by the Sedgwick family, and the location of the famous "Sedgwick Pie" cemetery plot.

Here is Hubert Merrill Sedgwick's article about Theodore Sedgwick.

John Shaw Sedgwick, a descendant of Theodore, has written a book delving deeply into the character of Theodore and some of his other ancestors:

In My Blood: Six Generations of Madness & Desire in an American Family
available at Amazon.com

Children of Theodore Sedgwick and Pamela Dwight:

Elizabeth Mason Sedgwick (B41)
  b. 30 Apr 1775
  d.15 Oct 1827
  m. 23 Oct 1797, Thaddeus Pomeroy
Child Sedgwick (B42)
  b. 27 Mar 1777
  d. 27 Mar 1777
Frances Pamela Sedgwick (B43)
  b. 6 May 1778
  d. 20 Jun 1842, Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  m. 9 Apr 1801, Ebenezer Watson
Theodore Sedgwick II (B44)
  b. 9 Dec 1780, Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  d. 7 Nov 1839, Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  m. 28 Nov 1808, Susan Anne Livingston Ridley
Catherine Sedgwick (B45)
  b. 11 Jul 1782
  d. 4 Mar 1783
Henry Dwight Sedgwick (B46)
  b. 18 Apr 1784
  d. 1 Mar 1785
Henry Dwight Sedgwick (B47)
  b. 22 Sep 1785, Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  d. 23 Dec 1831, Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  m. 2 Jun 1817, Jane Minot
Robert Sedgwick (B48)
  b. 6 Jun 1787, Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  d. 2 Sep 1841, Sachems Head Connecticut
  m. 21 Aug 1822, Elizabeth Dana Ellery
Catharine Maria Sedgwick (B49)
  b. 28 Dec 1789, Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  d. 31 Jul 1867, West Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Charles Sedgwick (B4A)
  b. 15 Dec 1791, Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  d. 3 Aug 1856, Lenox, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  m. 30 Sep 1819, Elizabeth Buckminster Dwight

  Photo: the grave monuments of Theodore Sedgwick and Pamela Dwight.

  Photos: the house that Theodore Sedgwick built in 1785, Stockbridge MA.
  courtesy Arthur Warton Schwartz, fourth great-grandson of Theodore

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Theodore Sedgwick
Biographical Directory of the Congress of the United States

In a famous legal action, Theodore Sedgwick was counsel for a slave woman
who won her freedom because of abuse. Here is a website about her:
Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman"