William Penn Boudinot (B13C3)  [Elias Boudinot / Harriet Ruggles Gold]
b. February 4, 1830
d. 1896
m. 1853, Park Hill, Indian Territory (Cherokee Co, OK) Caroline Matilda Rogers Fields
had an earlier relationship and child with Eleanor Reese

Caroline Matilda Rogers Fields  [Thomas Fields and Nannie Rogers Downing]

Here is a bigraphy of William Penn Boudinot.

Child of William Penn Boudinot and Eleanor Reese:

Emma Inez Boudinot
  b. abt 1852

Children of William Penn Boudinot and Caroline Fields:

Margaret Boudinot
  b. abt 1853?
Elias Cornelius Boudinot
  b. 1854
  d. 1896
Richard Fields Boudinot
  d. 1896
Thomas Boudinot
  b. 1858
  d. 1862
Eleanor Margaret Boudinot
  b. 1861
Henry French Boudinot
  b. 1863
  d, 1885
Francis "Frank" Josiah Boudinot
  b. 1866
Caroline Mary Boudinot
  b. 1872
  d. 1895


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