William Chedell Sedgwick  [Arthur Edwin Sedgwick / Elizabeth Wentz]3
b. January 07, 18703,10, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia], Pennsylvania1
d. December 13, 1955, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]4
bu Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, Westminister Cemetery4
m. May 28, 1909, Sara Painter3

Sara Painter  [parents unknown]
b. abt 1887, Delaware1
d. May 12, 1951, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]4
bu Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, Westminister Cemetery4

Census records:

1900 PA Philadelphia
1910 PA Montgomery
1920 PA Philadelphia
1930 PA Philadelphia
Sara as child:
1900 PA Delaware

There is a large difference between the birth dates the family has for William and the dates given in the 1900 census, however, his age as given in the 1920 and 1930 census records matches the family's birth date.


William A Sedgwick (313,552,1)
  b. August 24, 1910, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia], Pennsylvania1,4,5
  d. November 21, 1990, [Pennsylvania]4,5
Edith E Sedgwick (313,552,2)
  b. July 19, 1913, Texas1,4,5
  d. September 26, 2002, [Eustis, Lake, Florida]4,5
  m. Canary4,5
Sara P Sedgwick (313,552,3)
  b. January 7, 1915, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia], Pennsylvania1,4
  d. January 1, 1999 [Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]5
  never married
Francis K B Sedgwick (313,552,4)
  b. September 2, 1916, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia], Pennsylvania1,4
  d. June 4, 1969,4
Francis Chaddell Sedgwick (313,552,5) (note spelling)
  b. August 10, 1918, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia], Pennsylvania1,4
  d. August 22, 19824
  m. Mary Ellen Bickings4
Robert R Sedgwick (313,552,6)
  b. February 7, 1920, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia], Pennsylvania1,4
  d. November 14, 1974, [Pennsylvania]1,4
Sunday Knight Sedgwick (313,552,7)  aka Sonny
  b. August 20, 1922, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1,4
  d. October 5, 1936, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania4
Harry John Sedgwick (313,552,8)
  b. April 18, 1926, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia], Pennsylvania1

Son William A was kidnapped in 1959 by the "Coyle Brothers" in a story well-known at the time. The tale is told here: Famous Manhunt Revisited. He was the man in the trunk!

Daughter Sara Never married, but lived with her parents. When her father passed away, she moved in with her brother Harry.


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sent by Diane Kirkwood, whose husband is grandson of Alaire Chedell Sedgwick II
compiled mostly from family records and Social Security Death Index research.

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available various locations, I generally access it at Ancestry.com

10. Bible of William Chedell Sedgwick.

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