Richard Sidgwick/Sedgwick  [George Sidgwick / Rachel Carter]
b. May 12, 1849, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England
d. June 9, 1935, Layton, Davis, Utah
m1 July 2, 1868, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, Mary Emma Hall
m2 October 1, 1919, Ada Hendrickson Derbyshire
immigrated to New York in 1867, to Utah in 1882
 Citizenship Application  Citizenship Certificate

Mary Emma Hall
b. May 20, 1844
d. July 2, 1916

Ada Hendrickson Derbyshire
b. abt 1859

Census Records:

1870 New York, Kings, Brooklyn
1880 New York, Kings, Brooklyn
1900 Utah, Davis, Bountiful
1910 Utah, Davis, Bountiful
1920 Utah, Davis, Bountiful
Son Daniel B 1910 Idaho Bannock, Marsh Precinct

As a youth Richard Sedgwick joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and emmigrated from his homeland. His goal was to move to Utah, but he did not have the funds to complete the trip. He lived in New York for several years, where he married Mary Emma Hall. They finally completed the trip to Utah, where they lived for many years.

After Emma passed away, Richard married Ada Hendrickson Derbyshire

Richard and Emma have many descendants, and many of them are active in genealogical research.

One of their grandchildren, Joel Sedgwick, made a large chart that show a line of descent to one John Wat Sedgwick (1146 - 1197).

Descendants / Researchers:

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