Joseph Sedgwick  [parents unknown]
b. October 5, 1811, Virginia
d. aft 1870
m1 abt 1835, probably Rice's Landing, Greene, Pennsylvania, Priscilla Rice
m2 Elizabeth Hawthorne
lived in Greene County, Pennsylvania

Priscilla Rice  [parents unknown]
b. 1820
d. 1844

Elizabeth Hawthorne  [parents unknown]
b. abt 1829, Pennsylvania

The census records tell a story of Joseph Sedgwick. In 1850 he was a "Boat Man," in 1860 a "Merchant" and in 1870 "State Representative." He served as representative from Greene County to the Pennsylvania State Legislature. I have been told that his will was probated in Greene County, Pennsylvania

There is a Mathew Sedgwick in Greene County in the 1810 Census PA Greene County. Is he the father of this Joseph Sedgwick?

Census records:

1810 PA Greene
1850 PA Greene
1860 PA Greene
1870 PA Greene


Thomas Sedgwick
  b. abt 1836, Pennsylvania
Samuel Sedgwick
  b. September 1, 1837, Rice's Landing, Greene, Pennsylvania
Sarah Sedgwick
  b. abt 1839, Pennsylvania
Elisabeth Sedgwick
  b. abt 1942, Pennsylvania
Benjamin F Sedgwick
  b. April 26, 1843 or July 13, 1844, Rice's Landing, Greene, Pennsylvania
  d. 1935, Iowa
Priscilla Sedgwick
  b. abt april 1850, Pennsylvania
Theodore H Sedgwick
  b. April 20, 1852, Rice's Landing, Greene, Pennsylvania
Mary E Sedgwick "Em"
  b. abt 1854, Rice's Landing, Greene, Pennsylvania
Martha J Sedgwick "Jennie"
  b. 1860, Pennsylvania

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Descendants / Researchers:

Spencer E. Gray, Jr. -
Dennis Sedgwick -

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