Click for larger image James Edward Egans  [James Cook Sedwick / Elizabeth Eagans]
AKA Edward Iggins, James Egins
b. Septemper 1846, Port Republic, Calvert, Maryland2
d. October 13, 1906, Battle Creek, Calvert, Maryland   certificate
bu Calvert County, Maryland, Brooks United Methodist Churchyard
m. December 12, 1866, Calvert County, Maryland, Mary Catherine Locks
relationship to James Cook Sedwick (1786-1853) confirmed by DNA testing

Mary Catherine Locks  [John Locks / Aleatha Brooks]
b. December 1849, Calvert County, Maryland2
d. April 29, 1924, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland

Census Records:

1870 MD Calvert, Boston (Iggins)
1880 MD Calvert, Boston (Egins)
1900 MD Calvert, Solomon Island (Egoens)

Like his brother Alexander Eagan, James Edward Egans was born a slave, the son of a slave woman and her master. During the Civil War James served as corporal then sergeant in Company A, 9th Infantry Regiment United States Colored Trooops. He enlisted on October 22, 1863 at Benedict, Maryland, and mustered out on November 26, 1866 at New Orleans, Louisiana. His service record indicates "Distinguished Service."

After the war, James returned to Calvert County, married Mary Catherine Locks, and took up farming. When he died he had plus thirty-three acres of land near Battle Creek, a branch of the Patuxent River. A photo of his small house appears below. Here he and Mary Catherine raised their children. It must have been a hard life, but they were free.


Mary Elizabeth Egans
  b. September 19, 1868, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
  m. Daniel Smith
Aletha Egans
  b. February 5, 1871, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
  m. William Gray
John E Egans
  b. abt 1873, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
Louisa W Egans
  b. June 8, 1874, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
Maria C Egans
  b. April 8, 1877, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
Eliza V Egans
  b. November 9, 1878, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
Joseph A Egans
  b. February 27, 1880, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
  d. 1944, Port Rebublic, Calvert, Maryland
  bu Calvert County, Maryland, Brooks United Methodist Church Cemetery
  m. 1909, Maryland, Aurelia Unknown (no children)
Cornelia Egans
  b. March 30, 1882, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
  m. Henry Waters of Baltimore
Martha H Egans
  b. December 14, 1883, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
James T Egans
  b. March 22, 1886, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
Bertha Monroe Egans
  b. June 18 1889, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
  d. July 26, 1947, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
  m. January 29, 1913, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, Amos Hudson Talbot
Stephen Egans
  b. January 12, 1894, Island Creek, Calvert, Maryland
  d. Long Island, New York (no children)

More about James Edward Egans:

Book: Augustina of Spanish West Florida and her Descendants
Website: Archives of Maryland (Biographical Series): Egans, James Edward

James E Egans homestead, Calvert County, Maryland

Sources, if not noted assume 1a:

1. Records of descendant/researcher of this family
a. Del Alexa (Eagan) Jupiter, grand-daughter of Alexander Eagan

2. Census records, any of those indicated

Additional documents:

Certificate of Title showing John Sedwick, son of James Cook Sedwick, as the owner of James E Egins, brother of Alexander Eagan. (Compiled service record of James E. Egins, Co. A. 9th U.S. Colored Inf., Civil War, National Archives, Washington, D.C.)

Certificate of Title showing Sarah Sedwick, widow of James Cook Sedwick as the owner of Murray Egins. (Compiled Service Record, Murry Egins, Co. G 7th U.S. Colored Inf., Civil War, National Archives, Washington, D.C.)